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International Economics

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Eco 2121

The World economy is formed through what process?

Country A removing tariffs on goods from Country B is an example of...

Country A changes labour laws to more closely resemble the laws of country B, this is an example of...

Economists will measure the importance of trade inside a country with what ratio?

The measure of the percentage of a countries income which is made up by trade is also known as...

Economists describe the process of globalization through the economic sphere as...

4 factors can be used to measure the process of Economic Integration, they are...

What factor of population became highly regulated following the First World War?

The factor of Economic integration that involves the movement of people across markets

The factor of Economic Integration which is measured by the amount of foreign capital in the domestic market

The factor of economic integration that is displayed when the prices of similar goods in desperate markets approach one another.

What is an Institution?

What is the 1944 economic conferance that was formed with the goal of defining and regulating the global market?

The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank were formed at what international conferance?

This economic institution is known as the 'Lender of Last Resort'

This institution lends both Technical & Financial Assistance to and distressed state

This institution functions by allowing member states to buy 'shares' in its funds

The leader of this institution is decided by the European Union

This institutions Leader is chosen by the United States of America

This institution was originally the 'General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade'(GATT)

The main goal of this prototype Trade agreement was to establish more trade rules internationally while decreasing the presence of Tariffs

The GATT became this organization officially after the Uruguay round ended in 1995

One of WTO 2 guiding principles, this one states that a nation must treat goods produced in a foregin market as the same as domestic goods

One of WTO 2 guiding principles, this one prohibits countries from having tariffs, regulations, or quotas that vary between countries.

The principle of Non-Discriminations exists to make a more competitive world economy and reduce the existence of this principle.

There are 3 kinds of Regional Trade Agreements, they are...

A Bilateral Trade Agreement is

A Plurilateral Trade agreement is

A Multilateral trade agreement is

The 5 levels of Regional Trade Agreement Integration are

A Partial Trade Agreement is

A Free Trade Area is

A Customs Union is

A Common Market is

An Economic Union is

Free trade is defined as

Define a Common External Tariff

Why are Regional Trade Agreements(RTA) allowed to exist despite breaching WTO's Non-Discriminations Principle?

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