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Chapter 1 HR Management

What is human resources management?

Which of the following is not a responsibility carried out by HR supervisors? Help define jobs, Forecast HR needs, Terminate inefficient employees, Provide motivational environment.

True or False: There is an objective best strategic HR choice for each HR responsibility.

What is the impact of HRM (human resources management)?

What's the difference between best practices and best fit?

What is Six Sigma?

Define reengineering?

What is downsizing?

What is outsourcing?

Define change management?

What is offshoring?

What's the difference between reactive changes and proactive changes?

What is globalization?

What is corporate social responsibility?

What does sustainability refer to?

Google Docs, wikis, videoconferencing, and electronic calendar systems are examples of what?

True or False: Organization's can also use social media to manage talents?

What are knowledge workers?

What is an HRIS (human resources information system)?

What are the benefits of an HRIS?

What are the approaches organizations take to lower labour costs?

What are the hidden costs that could occur from layoffs?

What are the benefits from avoiding downsizing?

What is furloughing?

What is nearshoring?

What is employee leasing?

What are psychographics

The changes age, gender, background, and education of employees represent what type of changes.

How do HR managers manage diversity?

What are line managers?

What are the responsibilities of the HR manager?

What are the competencies of the HR manager?

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