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Chapter 2 HR Management

What is strategic planning?

What is HRP (human resources planning)?

What is SHRM (strategic human resources management)?

What are options for reducing a surplus?

What are options for avoiding a shortage?

What's a mission?

What's a strategic vision?

What are core values?

What is environmental scanning?

What does a firm's business environment consist of?

The remote environment involves which changes?

What are Michael Porter's 5 forces that are part of the competitive environment?

What are core capabilities?

What is value creation?

What 3 combination of resources do core capabilities consist of?

What is the criteria organizations should follow to achieve a sustained competitive advantage?

Internal analysis involves analyzing what?

What are cultural audits?

What is values-based hiring?

What 3 key elements of forecasting do managers focus on?

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative approaches to forecasting?

What is trend analysis?

What are management forecasts?

Forecasting the supply of employees does not include which of the following? Staffing tables, trend analysis, replacement charts, skill inventories.

What are staffing tables?

What is Markov analysis

What is quality of fill?

What are skill inventories?

What are replacement charts?

What is succession planning?

What is human capital readiness?

What's a SWOT analysis?

What does corporate strategy include?

Define value creation

What are the 3 types of value creation strategies?

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal fit/alignment?

Define attrition

What's a hiring freeze?

What is termination?

What is severance pay?

How do employers deal with surplus employees?

What is benchmarking?

What's the difference between human capital metrics and HR metrics?

What's a balanced scorecard (BSC)?

What are the 4 related cells to the balanced scorecard?

What is organizational capability?

What is coordination flexibility?

What is resource flexibility?

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