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Chapter 9 HR Management

What is strategic compensation?

What are the common goals of a strategic compensation policy?

What are the 5 components of total rewards?

What are the two theories that explain the potential motivating effects of an organization's compensation systems?

What is the difference between hourly work and piecework?

What are the internal factors of the pay mix?

What are the external factors of the pay mix?

What is a consumer price index (CPI)?

What are escalator clauses?

What are real wages?

What is a job evaluation?

What is a job ranking system?

What are the 3 job evaluation systems?

What is a job classification system?

What is a point system?

What is the point manual?

What is work valuation?

What are the HR choices for developing a plan to design a compensation system?

What is the Hay profile method?

What is a wage and salary survey?

What are the legal requirements for compensation?

What are the characteristics of key jobs?

What is a wage curve?

What are pay grades?

How to confirm pay equity requirements?

What are the 5 steps to establish pay rates?

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