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Chapter 7 HR Management

What’s a chief learning officer?

What are the 4 phases of the strategic model for training and development?

What are the 3 analyses involved in the assessment phase of the strategic model?

What’s a competency assessment?

What are the 4 related issues of focus in the design phase of the strategic model?

What are the principles of learning?

What is behaviour modification?

What are spot rewards?

What is on-the-job training (OJT)?

What is the PROPER way to do on-the-job training?

What is apprenticeship training?

What are examples of the characteristics of instructors?

What are strategies for creating a motivated training environment?

What is cooperative training?

What's e-learning?

What's a learning management system (LMS)?

What is just-in-time training?

What is behaviour modelling?

What are the 4 components of behaviour modelling?

Who is role-playing used for?

What does coaching consist of?

When are case studies useful?

What is blended learning?

What are the 4 basic criteria to evaluate training?

What are approaches that maximize the transfer of training?

What is the transfer of training?

What questions should be answered to calculate a training program's benefits?

What is benchmarking?

What is orientation?

What is onboarding?

What does an orientation checklist include?

What should managers do to implement a successful program in basic and remedial skills?

Team training skills involve which dynamics?

What is cross-training?

What is a chief ethics officer?

What are methods for managing development?

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