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Jus Cogens

International human rights law

International humanitarian law

Article 2 of the geneva convention

first element of the definition of genocide

second element of genocide

If the conflict is international what convention does it fall under

if the conflict remains within one state which conventions does it fall under

Crimes against humanity

difference between IHL and IHRL

universal obligations of genocide

Jurisdiction for other states to intervene in genocide in other countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro (2007)

responsibility to protect rwanda influence

Responsibility to protect definition

war crimes act canada

universal jurisdiction to prosecute

Right to protect world summit 2005 three pillars: pillar 1

Responsibility to protect 2005 world summit three pillars: pillar 2

Responsibility to protect 2005 world summit three pillars: pillar 3

crime of aggression

examples of crimes of aggression cases

Security council

The convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide

ethnic cleansing vs genocide

ICC definition

Rome statute definition

Jurisdiction of the ICC

limitations of the ICC

Ukraine issues with ICC

issues with syria and the ICC

Ad Hoc tribunals

Transitional justice

customary law

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